Hello. My Name Is Pendejo.

#1: Dude that Apologized to BP

It is my honor to announce the recipient of the Bodega’s very first Pendejo Award. Indeed, it was quite difficult to decide amongst a plethora of veritable candidates, (including, but not limited to: Sen. Jim Bunning (R.-KY), Sen. Ben Nelson (D.-NE), and most recently,Gov. Jan Brewer (R.-AZ), who have all given some of the best cheeky performances so far this year). But there is only one who can come out on top and be the cream of the crap. And apologizing to BP for the recent $20 billion dollar “shakedown” when BP has yet to express sincere remorse for the catastrophe in the Gulf guarantees you the top prize. Only a Royal Asshole could master that kinda ass-backwards logic. The only thing worse than that is if someone started blaming environmentalists for the spill itself. Anyway, Congratulations, Representative Joe Barton (R.-TX)for TALKING OUT OF YOUR ASS!

(*Honorable Mention: John Mayer)


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