Whatchu Talkin’ Bout, Pendeja?!

#2: What you talkin ’bout, Shannon?!

When I first found out that Gary Coleman was murdered died, something just didn’t feel right. I started bitching to my sister about it:”I’m telling you, dude, he was murdered. . .there’s something funny about this. . .”

That was before the details of his controversial death came to light and I learned that he was married to one crazy bitch. This is why $hannon Pri¢e a.k.a. Mrs. Arnold, receives today’s Royal Asshole of the Day Award, for maybe, probably, sorta killing the dude from Diff’rent Strokes. First of all, the circumstances of his death are so shady that no one even knows how he ended up in the intensive care unit with an intercranial hemorrhage. . .or why. It was some kind of “accident.” I’m not saying this bitch deliberately killed him and all, (somehow she doesn’t strike me as a meticulously calculating woman, although she has provided a very sound, logical argument for ending Coleman’s life as that “chunk of his brain” would likely have bled him to death) but I’ve heard in the past, here and there, about them having domestic issues which makes me raise at least one cynical eyebrow. Yet what pisses me off the most, (and frankly, screams of a cover-up), is the fact that Gary Coleman was taken off of life support less than 24 hours after arriving at the hospital, even though he had expressed his wishes to the contrary. He was on his deathbed that Thursday and was gone by Friday the next day at Noon.Then we find out that this chick was already divorced from him and pulled the plug as his ex-wife. On top of that we hear that someone (I wonder who) was shopping around pictures of Coleman during his last moments of life (and a couple which were post-mortem photographs) to various tabloids, one of which surprisingly refused to view or purchase them out of sheer disgust. And then if that weren’t enough, we also found out that Coleman had a restraining order placed against his ex-wife at the time of his death. Estranged from his parents, (who are now feuding with Price and calling for an investigation of their son’s death), and having a turbulent relationship with his wife, Gary Coleman has not been given a proper funeral in the days since his death, and was instead cremated where his ashes are now spread God knows where. It’s all very sad. I don’t care who the fuck you are, and what kind of sins you have to atone for. A person should be given his fair chance to fight for his life when he is confronted with death. Shannon Price did not allow Gary Coleman to have his proper chance. She didn’t even bother to let his parents know she was about to end their son’s life. And for now, I salute you for having your HEAD UP YOUR ASS! Congrats!

(*Honorable Mention: John Mayer)


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