Pendejo Displays Unsportsman-like Behavior At The Greatest Sporting Event In The World

#3 Another Annoying Goalie at the World Cup


The balls at the 2010 FIFA World Cup have been “acting oddly” according to these people here, here, and here. But the real story should be about the dicks that are playing the goalie positions in this tournament. It started with Blunderboy (a.k.a. Robert Green), the goalie from England whose gaffe at the match against the United States can only be rivaled by Joe Biden. On the other hand, this shit was worth hearing the hilarious remarks of the commentators on Univision (the only channel to watch during these games), joke about Green having his “guantes llenos de mantequilla!”

And just when you think the English team can’t embarass themselves anymore this happens. Germany thrashed England in the knockout round with a final score of 4-1. Some have argued that it could have been a much more different game had this shot by one Frank Lampard in the first half been counted by the ref.

But it wasn’t.

And now we know it was because of this guy.

Manuel Neuer (or MaNeuer as I’m now referring to him), the goalie for Germany, who played at the aforementioned event revealed today that he in fact saw the ball go in but “conned” the referee into discrediting the English complaints. How nice of him to admit that “it should have been a goal for England,” in the wake of the brutal homecoming the losing team has received since their early departure from the Cup. Just another reason why I look forward to watching my team, Argentina, led by the greatest footballer in the world right now (and possibly the g.o.a.t.), Lionel Messi, destroy Germany on Saturday in the quarter finals. Until then, I salute the #1 jersey and #1 Royal Asshole of the Day, Manuel Neuer of Germany! Congratulations, no one has smelled of more BULLSHIT than you, MaNeuer.

(*Honorable Mention: John Mayer)


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