That I Hate Carlos.

I can’t believe it.
I cannot believe it.
Last night I went to the club. That. . .the club. . .the one on 184th. Over there. Like, you see the one on the corner? Like that’s the one. And tell me how I had seended Carlos. I was so pissed. That we had broken up 1 week ago–1 week ago–and he’s there. . .and there was a new girl. (Psttt) That girl looked just. like. me. too. Just. like. me. Like, you don’t even understand. Like, she had everything of me. Like she had. . .like, she had my hair. . .that she had my face, that she had my butt, that she had my boobs–like everything of me. Tell me how–I couldn’t believe it–I was like “Oh my God.” Like, I told my friend. . .I was like “Yo, like I can’t believe this.” She was like “What?” I was like “Look.” She was like “Damn. . .like. . .what the fuck. . .like, that was like mad fast or whatever. . .like you–ya only broke up like only 1 week ago. ” And. . .that like at first like, I was like “Yo, like I wanna leave.” Pero then I saw that he had seended me–like I had seended him seeing me–so I was–then I was like “Nah, like I can’t leave now.” Like, I can’t be like “Yo, like that’s it.” Like, I’m like “That’s it. You see me and then I’m gone? What’s that?” Like what the fuck is that? Like, I couldn’t do dat. So. . .that I decided that I was gonna go talk to him. So. . .my friend Hildy, like I told her like “Wait, perate over there” because I don’t want her to get into something with, with that bitch. . .So she be like “Aight,” y like that she just waited and she had the camera. I told her like, “Look, like if anything happen. . .like take a picture aight.” So I went over there and I said. . .I said like “Yo, Carlos like what the fuck. Like what are you doing here, and who the fuck is this bitch?” And tell me how that bitch looked at me with mad attitude like “Who the fuck are you. Like, you don’t even know me. Like. . .shit. Like. . .what the fuck.” And, tell me how–tell me how Carlos pretend he don’t know me? Tell me how. That I look like–tryna make me look like the only idiot–like, the only like. . .like, idiot. That–pero–like–loo-look–that I had said like, his name, y su apellido, y la fecha de nacimiento, y his mother’s name, y that place that where he lives, so she could see like, that I knew him. So then she look at him like “Who the fuck is this bitch?” And I was like “Yo, it’s–that’s, that I’m his ex; that we had brokened up a week ago–who the fuck are you? Like, that it, like he’s my man, like. . .what.” And then she was like “Oh my God,” like, ready to fight me. Yo, tell me how I took this bitch out. Yo it was stupid. Like, she fight mad stupid. Like. . .I took that bitch out. And she looked fucked up. When I was done she lookted fucked up. Like, w–we went to the corner over there like, you see, like. . .like, right there. . .like. . .hay, like, by the–la gasolina, BP or whatever–and I fuckted her up. Like, she looked stupid in the end. . .like whatever. And then like, Carlos had, had lookted at me later in the night like, when he came like, over to her like “You a bitch.” I was like “Yo, whateva, like. . .it’s nothing. Like, we done. Like, this is ova.”

That I hate Carlos. I hate him.


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