Lawrence Fucking O’Donnell

<——This is Lawrence O’Donnell.

Who the hell is Lawrence O’Donnell, you ask? Um, only like the smartest man on the planet television. Yeah, I know I don’t know everyone on fucking television, and there’s a huge chance that statement is not true, but I’m gonna say it, anyway, because I love Lawrence O’Donnell!

I first came across this guy on The McLaughlin Group, (my favorite political talk show; it’s great. You should really check it out if you have a chance. I watch it Sunday mornings @ 11 AM on CBS, but you can catch it on PBS Friday evenings as well. Check your local listings.) where he frequently joined the panel for their weekly discussions. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked. I loved him on TMG, I tuned in every week just to watch him spar with the likes of Pat Buchannan, and battle Satan’s Spawn (who goes by the name of Monica Crowley) on behalf of everything that is Good on this green Earth. And I do mean spar. There’s a reason they call this guy “The Intellectual Sharpshooter” in Washington, because he is one tough son of a bitch. A badass. Just take a look at a few stills from his appearances on TMG:

I mean. . .does it look like he’s playing around? (Haha) exactly.

This is not to say I’m all like, in love with him or anything (I don’t wanna have 10,000 of his babies, but I do hope he has at least 5,000 kids of his own because that’ll make me feel much better about the future of humanity. Hey, there is such a thing as a man having SUPER SPERM. Just ask this guy). Far from it.

I will however, say that there is much that I admire and respect about this man. I admire the way he presents himself and expresses his opinions, how thoughtful and confident he is when he speaks, and most of all that he just doesn’t give a fuck. Lawrence O’Donnell just doesn’t give a fuck. He doesn’t give a fuck what you think, if you like what he has to say, if you find him irresistable or repulsive. At all times, on whatever show he’s on, Lawrence O’Donnell is gonna tell you exactly where he stands on the issues with a strength and clarity that leaves him unmatched amongst his peers. Boom. That’s it. Most of the time if he’s a part of a panel or something, he will be the one to deviate from the group concensus and stand alone with his opinions. And even then he won’t hesitate to make his case. He will take on the whole damn group and massacre everyone. We like that here at bodega express; we like people who are not afraid to go against the grain and take the risk of being an individual. And this was often the case while he was one TMG. I mean the man has a unique, impressive background in politics and it fucking shows. It’s so obvious that O’Donnell knows exactly what he’s talking about as basically the recurring motif of his entire career–both on and off television–is “if you’re going to engage me in conversation you better be prepared and dare not try to bullshit me. Because I will call you out, and I won’t hold back.” That not only makes for one hell of a person, but naturally, for many great moments on TV.  And isn’t it always refreshing to see someone on a television news network actually base his arguments on facts and not just on theology? Or gut feelings? Or anything other than THE TRUTH.

But of course, this approach is not welcomed by all and O’Donnnell has quickly become one of those “love him” or “hate him” characters. And there have been plenty of times when he has totally crossed the line and made utterly offensive remarks–and even come off as something of a bully–it’s true. I like him a lot, but the man isn’t perfect. This is not a tribute where we depict him as such, or anything of that sort, and ignore his flaws.  Lawrence O’Donnell has yet to perfect his temperament on air. But he is awesome in that he doesn’t hesitate to admit his faults, to acknowledge when he is wrong and offer a gracious apology for being overly passionate. And he chooses to do so on national TV, which can’t be fun at all. He points out the errors of his ways to himself, and is quick to correct them. Now if those aren’t some of the actions of a man of great character and a healthy ego then I don’t know what is. It’s one of the things that separates him from great majority of people you see on the same network and rival networks alike.

I may not know him personally, but there’s nothing about Lawrence O’Donnell that I find disingenuous. I feel like he would be exactly the same way in private as he is on TV. His is not some character he thought up to score ratings, an act he’s putting on to please the masses, or a persona that is easy to replicate, this is the real deal. Lawrence O’Donnel is the real deal, folks.

And you may think I’m completely full of shit, but I appreciate the company of  those who are smarter, tougher, funnier, more successful, or whatever than me, and I consider coming across these people as one of the best learning experiences this life can offer. It’s not totally fun, and it can be a little intimidating, yes, but the advantages easily outweigh those elements that are unappealing, and they persuade me to pursue this kind of interaction whenever possible. Thus I look for great minds like these in everything I do: in what I read, what I watch, and especially in the company I keep in my own life. And as far as what I choose to watch in an effort to be a learned, informed person, I honestly feel as though I’ve learned a lot by watching Larry. When he says something that I don’t understand (which is quite often ;-) ), I get motivated to find out what the hell he is referencing and make sure I can keep up the next time. When he makes an argument in support of something I agree with, I learn how to better defend my positions. Conversely, when he’s commenting on a matter that I completely disagree with (no, I don’t always see eye-to-eye with this man, and even when I don’t I still appreciate what he has to say; that doesn’t change anything) I am pushed to strengthen my own point of view and to prepare myself for the next time my opinions are challenged. Oh God, and on and on and on.

OK. Maybe I do wanna have like 10,000 of his babies. ;-)

And today is his birthday! So of course, I’d like to send a BIG Happy Birthday to my favorite political pundit ever, Lawrence Francis O’Donnell (AKA the Ambassador to Awesome) and wish him immortality the best with his new show The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell (weeknights @ 10 PM). It really is his best work yet! To celebrate, here are some of LFO’s greatest hits, highlighting just a few of the reasons why I tune into this guy’s commentary every chance I get. . .even though that often means watching him on MSNBC (you know, the network that claims to lean forward but has been more ass backwards on certain issues lately. Though I do enjoy those new commercials. Especially this one, of course). But hell, I’d watch Mr. O’Donnell even if he suddenly appeared on this bullshit channel. Because he is That. Damn. Good!

 : : Cheers : : to you, Larry!

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4 thoughts on “Lawrence Fucking O’Donnell

  1. really didn’t realize his middle name was “Francis.” I pretty much interpreted the title of this post as “Lawrence Effin’ O’donnell.”

    a timely post though, as things are getting back into full swing and I’m sure LFO with have no dearth of knowledge to drop.

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