#1. Say What?

Cathie Black

Michelle Rhee Cathie Black, Chancellor of New York City Public Schools, was questioned on the issue of overcrowding in lower Manhattan schools during a taskforce meeting last week. When asked for her thoughts on the matter, Rhee Black jokingly answered that  birth control could be the solution to this problem. Unsurprisingly, parents and others present at the meeting are not happy with her comments. You see, Chancellor Rhee Black having neither the requisite three years of teaching experience, a master’s degree nor a professional degree in educational management, wasn’t exactly well-recieved as former Chancellor Joel Klein’s successor by many: parents, teachers, and unions alike.

I’m not a fan of this chick, either. It’s not so much that I don’t like her (even though I don’t), it’s got more to do with the fact that um, she doesn’t a have a background in EDUCATION. That’s probably at the crux of everyone’s frustration and disappointment. I mean, that’s kinda what I’m looking for in the person that’s going to head the New York City Department of Education, so I can see why it’s a little important to all these people, you know?

Who is Cathie Black? You can read up on her background and career prior to taking up this new post here, because I’m not gonna get into it. I am not impressed by this woman and nothing I’ve learned about her previous experience is in any way relevant to the cause of Education, nor does it appease any of my concerns about her ability to perform well as Chancellor.

Basically the bitch isn’t qualified to be Chancellor, and Bloomberg appoints her anyway, so now we’re stuck with her until further notice.  And from what I understand, Ms. Rhee Black had already had a rough start in her Chancellorship before this gaffe. These things will happen though. . .when you’re completely unprepared for the job. OK, so given all this, if you were Michelle Rhee Cathie Black and you knew you had something to prove to a lot of people (and yes, she does have to prove herself now that she’s directly involved in the education of over a million children), people who don’t believe you’re right for the job–wouldn’t you try to put your best foot forward at all times? It’s not about whether or not that’s a fair position to be in, that’s fucking life and that’s just how it is. She cannot be putting her foot in her mouth like this. It only makes her look like the moron we all think she is.

I thought the joke was actually pretty fucking funny, but I am hesitant to laugh (as much as I want to) because I’m not confident that Chancellor Rhee Black actually has anything else to offer at the moment other than a crappy joke. I doubt she has any legitimate solutions to this and all other issues facing the New York City Public School System.

Because Cathie Black is no Michelle Rhee.


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