#11. Mentally Challenged

It’s time for our next hyperthetical. I can’t stand having / seeing that horrible picture of Angina on my front page, so I’m gonna put myself out of that misery by posting another fun-albeit-insane question from the mix. This situation is pretty much straightforward, but still as audacious as the last.
You are presented with a strange challenge:

Someone dares you to count backward from 300 to 0. If you succeed at this simple request, you will be given $25,000 in cash. If you misspeak, get any digit incorrect, or make any mistake whatsoever, you will immediately be doused with gasoline and burned alive.

Do you attempt this challenge?

* * *

300 . . . 299 . . . 298. . .
(See my answer in the comments section. ;-) )

8 thoughts on “The Final Countdown

  1. A:

    I’m just gonna get right to it: HELL NO. In case you missed it, that was H E L L N O. I’m sorry. Just can’t do it, can’t do it, can’t do it. I’d be okay with just one stipulation–the one about getting any digit incorrect–but the ones on either side of that rule seal the deal for me. This is a one-time chance to make a shitload of money, and that’s tempting to any honest person, but I’m not a fan of making a quick buck. I don’t care how much the offer is. Usually, the circumstances are too shady; although this situation appears to be more legit, it’s still bad enough to make me walk away from it.

    151 . . . 150 . . . 149 . . .

    Somebody offers me 25 grand right there to count some numbers backwards, I might give it a try and say “okay.” But it’s the whole misspeaking thing that I’m afraid of. That means not only are you not allowed to fuck up the numbers, but if you say anything else at all, that’s it, you’re toast. And in case that wasn’t enough to make you think twice, the fine print at the end tips the scales towards death: IF YOU MAKE ANY MISTAKE WHATSOEVER. . .prepare to be immediately burned alive.

    That’s it. I’m done. Thanks but no thanks.

  2. I agree with you. Definitely not. I have the tendency to stutter randomly and say “uh…” from time to time during speech.

    1. that’s what i’m saying. if there’s no room for any utterance / sound but numbers i’m not gonna make it. there’s just no space for error or the possibility of error. :-/

  3. No. 25,000 is not enough for me to burn. That is such a terrible death, especially for a little bit of money. Maybe in the 1930s when it was worth shit. Now you tell me 5 billion dollars, then my friend I will practice. I am no Buddhist Monk. No going up in flames over here! I am human and I will fuck up especially when there’s a motherfucker next to me with matches and gasoline waiting for me to fuck up. In all seriousness, no I love my life and I rather work my fingers to the bone than to burn to freaking death.

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