Did your last girlfriend turn out to be a whore? Are you worried that your fiancé may not be “the one”? Just plain bored like me?

Um, well then, a controversial new website where thousands of people have posted “100% anonymous and free” spiteful tales of infidelity and betrayal by their significant others, is the website for you!

Former Marine / Founder / CEO / shady character James McGibney claims he started the website after learning that one of his buddies had been cheated on by his wife while serving his deployment overseas.   The site, which encourages you to “fight infidelity,” and “post a [story of a] known cheater now!,” is horribly decorated with images like these:

McGibney launched the site on Valentine’s Day of this year in Las Vegas and it has been gaining popularity since then. I’m not gonna tell you how I found out about it, (wink) but Iess than six months since its launch in Las Vegas, word of this site has made its way across the country and now there’s a chick in the Bronx who’s wasting spending time browsing through story after awful story of deceit and heartbreak. Me and about half a million other people.

McGibney expects that the site will soon reach five million hits a day.

Not underestimating how many people out there are lying, backstabbing assholes much America loves to catch a cheater in the act, the website has anything and everything all cheaters related. There are “Featured Cheaters,” a section for “Popular Cheaters,” and even a place dedicated to “Celebrity Cheaters.” Stars! They’re just like us! You can even vote for the “Cheater of the Day.” The current champion is an alleged “serial cheater” who “has cheated on his wife their entire relationship (20 years) with multiple women; including his patients. His latest conquest is a former breast augmentation patient named Debbie that he decided to hire once they began their relationship as his “business manager’, even though she had no business background or training and worked at a grocery store.”

Did I mention that each story comes with a detailed profile of the cheater including name, location, birthdate, and pictures? Um, yeah. So it’s kinda like Facebook. But much worse.

Say what you want about, I’m not here to ask you whether you like it or if you agree with what James McGibney is doing (although you are always free to make some noise in the comments box). I’m just telling you that if you’re bored at work or at home and would like to be cheaply entertained, mortified, and / or disgusted at the same time, then take a look at this site and ask yourself on which end of this fucked up stick you’d rather be on.

Oh yeah, there’s also a place to “Find a cheater” and search for people, too. In case you are wondering about a certain someone in your life. Which you are.

Cheating is no laughing matter. Reading these stories, most of which are written by people with little-to-no command of the English language, and who aren’t familiar with punctuation marks, who think of “creative” titles such as “Web of Lies, Catholic Edition,” or “Bitch Deceited Me” (that’s right DECEITED, not deceived) however, is totally comical.

And according to McGibney, who is clearly a believer in karma, these cheaters “absolutely get what  [they] deserve. In my opinion, it serves them right if something like that happens to them.”

You can enter ☞ here.


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