Steve Jobs died sometime last week. In case you happen to be living under a rock and are completely tapped out of the planet at the moment, (which is not necessarily a bad thing), I’d like to join with the many millions of people around the world right now who just cannot stop talking about this event, and let you know of his passing. But, unlike many of these folks I’ve heard, I’d also like to add that this is not the tragedy it appears to be, and not even as newsworthy as it has become. This is not the biggest news story of the year or the last decade or other kinds of exaggerations; it’s pretty much a textbook case of life.

Of course it’s a headline. Steve Jobs was famous an important public figure and then some, and all famous important public figures make the headlines when they die. No one should be surprised. I’m not. And I’m not exactly bitching about that part of this whole thing.

But Steve Jobs was an asshole. I know that’s really fucked up to say, and I can’t say I’m able to make a statement like that without feeling a little tinge of remorse, but not enough to stop me from saying it. It’s only fucked up because it’s not a nice thing to say about someone, period, and not because I’m saying it about someone who’s dead. Though I know it will seem  fucked up to people who disagree with me on speaking ill of the departed. But speaking ill and speaking the truth are often confused and I don’t think most people know the difference. Saying something like this just raises the awkward level to an all-time high. That’s all. And I don’t care. This is not the first, and it will not be the last time, people don’t like what they hear from me. Truth usually has that affect on people. Just deal.

So I’ll say it again: Steve Jobs was an asshole. I’m not gonna go into the details for you–I’m not a total ice queen and I do have my limits–but I think it’s unnecessary to say what people should already know. And if you don’t know anything about Steve Jobs other than he created all the iStuff that you obsess over and completely waste your time with (which is probably the case and part of the problem) then a) get to know him and b) you may be surprised by what you find out. And c) you might even reconsider what kind of legacy he has left behind. Yes, Steve Jobs was  a “genius,” and a “visionary,” but he was also a bully, and unfortunately, a complete asshole. Everyone knows it, they’re just too polite to admit it now that he is gone, but it should be noted, especially now that people are being utterly ridiculous and are practically engaged in a secular canonization of the man. He’s been called “this generation’s Edison.” “A brave thinker.” The single most important inventor of the last century. And on and on and on. I’m not saying that he is or isn’t. I don’t know. And I wouldn’t argue with anyone who thinks one way or the other. That’s of no importance to me: I recognize that Steve Jobs was a creative, original, and brilliant man, and I think it’s sad to see him go so soon and under the circumstances. I don’t know anything about his iPhone gadgets and things, but I love that he gave us the PC and Toy Story, gifts for which I am grateful. Also, for the record I’d like to day that he was also, really, really cute in his younger days. Really cute. However, I will also not hesitate to say that while some things about him can be disputed, other facets about his life are concrete and undeniable. Even in death. The fact that he sucked as a person is one of them. It’s actually at the top of the list. Steve Jobs sucked as a person. Call it whatever you want. You could say that he was “not a very nice person,” like this guy here, or that he was many things, good and bad, but certainly not a god. You could even turn this shit on its head and say, “Steve Jobs was a jerk. Good for him.” Whatever you say,  it shouldn’t be driven by complete praise nor complete condemnation. It’s should be a mix of both because everyone is. This is not to say SJ was the only one to have some not-so-proud moments in life. This is certainly not to say that his genius should trump all other aspects of his life. This is just to say that we gotta keep it real with people at all times no matter what. In life or death, whether we like them or not, if it’s good or bad. We gotta give people their proper due. We shouldn’t choose one over the other. It is OK to say that Steve Jobs–or anyone else for that matter–was a genius and a douchebag, if that’s who he really was. Dead or alive, we should not deny him his compliments, or his faults. Truth is just as important here and there. Wherever.

I believe that life is just the beginning. This is only the first step. I believe in an afterlife and that we still exist even after we die. I’m not sure where or how that is (I iron out those details everyday) but that’s not as important to me as what happens there. I believe the truth follows us everywhere, and therefore we will never escape our soul. That’s what I think the soul is, and why it’s so hard to see. The truth is in your soul. I think I will be able to hear and understand the mark I left while in this world by the thoughts and testimonies of others. I believe it will be made known to me somehow by the Universe, God–again, whatever you’d like to call it–and I believe I will see clearly who I was, especially if I failed to know it when I was alive. Whether I want to know or not, I will be confronted with myself when I die. And the last thing I’d want to see and hear in my next journey are insincere memories of who I am. Precisely from those I love and know who I really am. While writing this, I asked my “B-F-F” to help me personalize this post by telling me what she’d say at my funeral, and she pretty much laid it out, without over thinking it. I’m glad she went with the first thing that came to mind:

I think we do the deceased a complete disservice by falsifying their reputation when they die. If you ask me, I’d say that’s what’s truly disrespectful. And I will not carry that with me in the next life. I refuse.


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