Some random asshole left me a hateful and ignorant comment on my previous post about the Sexiest Man Alive. I’m not gonna share or re-post the ugly response–even though I know s/he desperately wants me to, as s/he has repeatedly tried to submit the same comment each day since I published the post–but needless to say, this person doesn’t agree with my pick for the Sexiest Man Alive, and this is simply because the Sexy Man in question is allegedly gay.

I’ve received a few ugly comments over they years on some other “controversial” posts like this one and this one, but I’ve never dignified any of them with a response. They were all thoughtless opinions by people who are clearly stupid and pathetic and psychologically stunted as people. Maybe they were bored. The same could be said about the latest load of shit that’s come of out of this stranger’s mouth, but unlike those previous comments, which were utterly incoherent and almost comical, this last one is so illogical and repugnant I am compelled to speak against such atrocious levels of stupidity, in defense of my choice and most importantly, in defense of those who are unjustly targeted for their sexual orientation. After all, only an imbecile would suggest that gay people can’t be hot, or that they should automatically be considered unattractive because they don’t appeal to the opposite sex.

I find all 3 of these men equally attractive.

That has to be among the most idiotic things I’ve ever heard in my existence. Of course gay people are hot! All people are attractive, whether they are gay or not. Being gay doesn’t make a man any less attractive than his straight counterpart. Are you kidding? Gay men are some of the most handsome people I’ve ever seen. They are good looking–sometimes even better looking than straight dudes–and they are definitely just as sexy. What is the problem? Or, rather, why is this a problem? I don’t know if Jim Parsons is gay, and above all, I don’t care. I’m not interested in the man’s personal life.; I don’t give a fuck if this man is gay. That doesn’t affect his hotness, it has no bearing on anything, and it is especially not a negative against him. If the dude is not gay, great. And if he is, then great. That’s right. GREAT. I wouldn’t like him any less, or stop watching TBBT, or anything ridiculous like that. If he is gay, all the more reason to put this good looking, intelligent, talented man on the cover of People magazine. Or any other cover for that matter. The Sexiest Man Alive doesn’t always have to be heterosexual. And he shouldn’t always appeal to women. He should be a reflection of the diversity and the various sexual identities in America. He should break stereotypes and taboos. Wouldn’t that be something?! That would be great to see. It would also be refreshing and I guarantee that it wouldn’t alienate women at all from seeing a gay man as the SMA. Um, hello, do women still not fawn over Ricky Martin, even now that he’s out and about? We’ve all heard rumors about some other celebs who are allegedly gay, and that doesn’t seem to have had an impact on our fanaticism. Would you turn off the TV if Shemar Moore were on screen and he were gay? And would you decline the opportunity to meet Anderson Cooper in person because he might be gay? Me, I think Zachary Quinto makes just as great a Spock as my beloved Leonard Nimoy and those are some mighty big shoes to fill. And not only that, I think this new Spock is even hotter than the original!

And on and on and on. Basically, I’m a straight woman whose celebrity crush might possibly be a gay man. So what.

I don’t hate people because they’re gay or straight, because of their skin tone or any other bullshit factor people like to hold against each other. And I will never hate someone for those reasons.

I hate people because they’re stupid. And even then I can’t follow through and say that I really hate them. It’s such a strong word. Stupid people actually really frighten me. That’s all.

But as the sole Aministrator/Writer/Editor/Almighty Controller of this here blog, I will always exercise my divine right to unapprove, delete, deny, and annihilate any and all comments that attempt to poison my space with garbage.

Feel free to disagree and share your thoughts. That’s fine. But don’t you dare to try and speak before you think, because we don’t buy or sell bullshit at this bodega.


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