#16. Doing the Deed

Here’s the situation:

You encounter a boulevard filled with homeless people, human waste, and dried blood. There are at least 50 people lying in the street–men, women, and teenagers. It’s the middle of the summer, and none of them have bathed in weeks. A few are crackheads. Most are intoxicated. A handful are mentally insane. All are hungry and desperate. Suddenly, you are granted an incredible capability: If you have unprotected intercourse with any one of these individuals–right then and there, immediately, on the sidewalk, in public–you will end worldwide homelessness forever. Within five years, no one will ever be homeless again, and everyone will know it was because of your selflessness (however, if you elect not to do this, no one will ever know you had this opportunity–you will not be held accountable for choosing to do nothing).

Do you do this?

You can select the homeless person you will have sex with.


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