#50. The Kidnapper

You are kidnapped by a diabolical (but completely honest) madman. He locks you in an empty attic where the temperature is 100 degrees. Your feet and hands are tied together. There is nothing to drink or eat. After 24 excruciating hours, the madman opens the attic door and enters with three glasses of ice water on a serving tray. He takes an eyedropper and squirts a colorless, odorless liquid into one of the glasses. “This is poison,” he tells you. He  then blindfolds you. When he removes the blindfold 30 seconds later, there is a drinking straw in each of the water glasses (but you have no idea which glass contains the poison). “Feel free to have a refreshing sip of water,” he says. “Of course, if you select the glass that contains the poison, you will be dead within 90 minutes. And–just so you know–I promise to release you from the attic. . .in 48 hours.” He then laughs maniacally and exits the attic, locking the door behind him.

What do you do?
Do you gamble and drink, or do you try to wait out the madman?


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